Please Read Breathe Free Principles
Please Read Breathe Free Principles

Breathe Free Investment Program

If you never save then you will always be poor!
​If you don't invest your savings then you will be giving away the income you could be earning from your investments.
​If you don't invest wisely then you will be giving away much of your earnings in fees, needless costly transactions or foolish risks.
Even if you only save $3 a day you can save a lot of money.  $3 a day works out to a deposit of about $100 a month into an investment account.  That is over $1,000 per year plus you will have earnings from investing the money.  So start today.  Here is what you practically need to do.

​  1.  Have something, like a shoe box, that you put $3 in every day to help create the habit of saving $3 a day.  (Or $10 a day.)                                               
  2.  Open an investment account with your first $5,000. 

  3.  Hire an Investment Advisor that believes in the Breathe Free Principles to help you with investing your money:

             A.  Ask for the Investment Advisor Brochure and sign the contract.

             B.  Fill out the Limited Trading Authorization Form to enable the Advisor to direct how your savings are invested.  

                    "Limited" means can choose investments but cannot take money out of your account.

       4.  Be proud of yourself for having the discipline, responsibility and self-respect to save a little bit of money every day.  

              Financial security yields the potential to Breathe Free and to be able to help others to Breathe Free.