Please Read Breathe Free Principles
Please Read Breathe Free Principles

My Breathe Free Manifesto     Print out, make some goals and sign promise to yourself.

I promise to save at least $3 a day and deposit $100 or more per month into my investment account.

  I vow to keep physically active with activities I enjoy.

I will continue to be a fun and loyal friend.

I promise to read "How to Ruin Your Life", "The Breathe Free Principles" and other recommended books.

I will continue to learn about nutrition to knowledgably live healthier.

My ongoing motto will be, "Yes I Can!!"

I will have a very specific short term goal to work towards completing in one to two months:

It is:_______________________________________________________________________________________

When that goal is complete I will make some more:



I will list more short term goals on paper as I make them.

And I will have a major long term goal:

It is:________________________________________________________________________________________

Promise to myself:

Signed:___________________________________________          Date:_______________________________