Please Read Breathe Free Principles
Please Read Breathe Free Principles

  • What do you stand for?
    Is it good?

  • This site and the accompanying "The Breathe Free Principles" book can help you clarify what you stand for, and why it is good.

  • The far left and the far right are both wrong. 
    They are lacking a clear definition of good. 

  • The book gives a grid which displays elements of what is and isn't good, so you may communicate your views better.

  • Principle 1

    1. Good is what results from mutually beneficial interactions.    
  • Principle 2    

    2. Individual liberty in the pursuit of good is the highest value in a just and open society.    
  • Principle 6

    6. Daily Bread - provide rudimentary basics to all citizens.
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  • Comment about The Breathe Free Principles book

    "This clarified what I believe in.  Thank you.  Now I can evaluate politicians with a simple set of principles."  Katrina  

  • The Breathe Free Cause
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    Yourself!  You are the solution.  
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  • Comment about The Breathe Free Principles book

    "I never gave much thought to the idea that good is what RESULTS  from mutually beneficial interactions."  D. Robinson                                

  • Freedom without personal Liberty is meaningless.  Please buy the book.

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