Please Read Breathe Free Principles
Please Read Breathe Free Principles

Please keep your tired and your weak, send us those yearning to ​Breathe Free!

Please join the Breathe Free Cause if:
you admire those with courage and competence
you admire beauty and encourage the hope of youth
you value the freedom of people to choose their own way of life
you think there are reasons for why things happen that we can figure out
intelligence, imagination, knowledge and wisdom are worth respecting
those who create wealth, not inherit, are the ones who should keep that wealth and therefore be powerful so they may lead
you don't believe in slavery, indentured servants or similar systems
we should treat those who don't commit crimes at least as well as those that we put in prison
it is better to let 10 potentially guilty people go free to avoid punishing one falsely accused innocent one
you embrace the idea of learning, are willing to change your mind and are willing to allow others to change theirs
lastly, if you still believe in love, my friend, then please join the Breathe Free Cause.
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