Please Read Breathe Free Principles
Please Read Breathe Free Principles

The Primary Breathe Free Principles

1. Individual liberty is the highest value in an open society - let good happen.

2. Good is what results from mutually beneficial interactions.
​3. Government should act as the referee in the game of life, not a player and not a coach.
​4. The winners at life should lead us, not the referees.
​5. Actual creation of wealth comes first - before consumption, taxes, charity, investment, etc.
​6. Daily Bread - provide rudimentary basics to all citizens.

7.  Forgive each other's accidents and minor transgressions.
8. Simplifying our laws and legal processes, by itself, will result in a more just society. 

Please use the Principles to evaluate candidates with

 - and buy the book to know why.